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Billionaire in Wolf’s Clothing by Terry Spear (Book 1 Billionaire Wolf)


4  Stars

I have really enjoyed Terry Spear’s other wolf series, and this one did not disappoint. I will certainly continue with this series and look forward to the next installment.  Billionaire werewolf Rafe Denali never wants for anything.  What Rafe wants, Rafe gets.  This time, he may have gotten more than he bargained for.  When a she wolf almost drowns outside of Rafe’s beach home, he knows that he must act fast.  Taking Jade Ashton and her baby cub in could prove to be a fatal mistake as Jade is a pawn in an evil wolf’s plan.  Jade has some tough decisions to make, and they all revolve around her gorgeous and wealthy rescuer.  If Jade does not betray Rafe, her son will die, and her life is also on the path of destruction.

All of the characters, especially Rafe and Jade, were well flushed and likable.  This was certainly a page turner, and I stayed up late, which I very seldom do anymore.  The narrator was excellent.  Normally, I prefer female narrators (not sure why), but Mr. Constant was right on the mark with this book.  The only reason I gave this book 4 stars is due to the marketing that this is a stand-alone book.  However, I found certain references in this installment to tie back to other books by the same author.

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A Hunger Like No other (Immortals After Dark #2) by Kresley Cole


3 stars

I love a really good PNR book, and this one did not disappoint.  I did not like all of the violence at the beginning, which took me until the middle of the book to really begin enjoying the plot and characters.

The narrator did an excellent job in portraying emotions from both Lachlain and  Emmaline.  The world building in this series is slow, and I hope that the pace does pick up in the upcoming installments.  Lachlain is predestined to have Emma as his mate.  The only problem is that he loathes her family, and she hates him.  Slowly, the two made their way to each other due to circumstances from Emma’s past.


Guardians Mate (Shifters Unbound #9) by Jennifer Ashley


Guardians Mate (Shifters Unbound #9) by Jennifer Ashley

3.75 Stars

In the last installment, the Guardian was destroyed and now the shiftertown is in need of another one.  Surprisingly, Rae Lyall, an orphan was designated by the goddess. The shifters are not happy about this rare gesture.  Not only is Ran an orphan but is female.  Rae is the first female to be a guardian.  Rae is resentful and does not want to be burdened as a guardian of the shifters.

Elon, Rae’s dad, takes her out of shiftetown to learn new skills from Zander, who is a polar bear healer.  These two were great together.  This reader enjoyed the banter between the two.  Zander taught Rae well in how to hold a sword and how to locate a shifter heart. Before Rae was completed trained, she had to perform her duties to an Alaskan shifter.

Rae and Zander decided to celebrate her success and went to a non-shifter bar.  A bar fight ensued, which led to a boat adventure.  This reader did not see how this adventure contributed to the overall book.  During this adventure, both were captured by a human shifter hunter.  Eventually this hunter became a friend and Zander helped him and his ill wife.  The mating frenzy hits shifters, and this is exactly what happened to these two.

This reader had a difficult time with this installment.  There was too much going on that really didn’t add to the plot.  Rae and Zander had somewhat of a likeable relationship but not enough to feel the love.

Thanks to Tantor for supplying me with this book for a honest review.

Dream Chaser (Dark Hunters #14)


3.5 stars

Just like the last several installments, this one has the reader focusing on yet another demigod that has fallen from grace for some reason or another. Xypher was betrayed and trapped in Tarturus but now gets his chance to even the score when returned to New Orleans for a month.  Xpher’s vengenance is on Satara, sister of Stryker.

Dr. Simone DuBois can see ghost and is actually friends with a couple.  Simone agrees to help with a serial killer case that just so happens puts her in the line of fire with Xypher.  This reader just didn’t see the love interest/connection between these two.  The characters were not flushed out and seemed to be missing a piece of the puzzle.

While this reader enjoyed the installment, Dream Chaser left little to be desired.  The series is becoming extremely predictable with a template that is being followed.  I will continue with the series since I have so much time invested.

Friday Night Brides by Samantha Chase


4.25 stars

Angie, Ella, Becca and Hailey have known each other since they were five years old.  These ladies even went to work for Enchanted Bridal together.  Hailey’s family owns the bridal shop and she’s not so sure that she wants to make this her lifelong career.  Each of the women see romance differently and are beginning to slowly decide what they want in terms of a future Mr. Right. This book reminded me of one of my favorite series that also took place in a bridal setting.

Each of the women had their own personality and each were extremely likable.  This reader could definitely see being friends with all four.  The author and narrator did an excellent job in bringing these women to life.  Hailey had a crush on another model, Logan Baxter, who won’t even acknowledge her presence.  However, she is beginning to see another possibility in model Jackson Carr who is definitely not her type.

Becca’s boyfriend publicly humiliates her by dumping her, and she is crushed.  In walks Max Abrams, who is new to Enchanted Bridal to offer his condolence and support. Angie, the loudest and most outspoken of the group, is also dumped leaving her with insecurities that she had never had. Sean Patterson, who she had known in the past, shows up at and now she is even more confused. Ella and Dylan are in the process of planning her wedding.  This pair has known each other since they were 12 and were a likely pair to eventually marry.  Ella is either having cold feet or finally realizes that this new life may not be what she wants as her happy ever after.

The only reason why I did not rate this book higher is due to a slight cliffhanger.  I am not fond of books that leave you dangling and waiting for the next book to drop.  However, the cliffhanger worked for me this time.  I will definitely check out more books by Ms. Chase.

Thanks to Tantor media for giving me this book in exchange for a honest review.



Made for Sin by Stacia Kane


3 Stars

First of all, I did not realize that this is a series read until midway through.  With that being said, I feel that this can be read as a stand-alone.  If you like dark urban fantasies with a paranormal twist, this book might be for you.  I love PNR but just couldn’t get into this one.  Perhaps, it was because I didn’t care for the male character (Speare)and was bored until the female had more of a storyline.  Speare was dark, emotionless, and void of any likable qualities.  There was a touch of romance but not enough sparks to keep this reader engaged and wanting more.

Thanks to Tantor for supplying me with this audio in exchange for an honest review.

White Tiger (Shifters Unbound #8) by Jennifer Ashley

White Tiger

4 stars

I have really enjoyed the Shifters Unbound series.  This is the first in the installment where I have actually listened rather than read the book.  I found both the plot and the narration to be both entertaining and more informative regarding this world.

Kendrick finally gets is turn in this installment.  For weeks, he and his two cubs have been going to the diner where Addie works.  He just can’t get enough of Addie’s kindness while enjoying what he sees.  Unknown to Kendrick, Addie has been checking him out as well.  Some of Kendrick’s ex-followers and his enemies have teamed up with plans to kill him.  After shooting up the diner, Kendrick tells Addie to take the cubs and meet him outside of town.  Addie easily leaves her life behind and follows Kendrick and the cubs to Shifter Town.  The Shifters actually accept Addie and she quickly determines this is where her new life should be.

Thanks to Tantor for supplying me this book in exchange for a honest review.


The Shadows (Black Dagger Brotherhood #13) by J.R. Ward

The Shadows

4.5 Stars

If you are remotely familiar with the BDB, this book is like none of the others in the series. While this reader took forever to finish, the middle to the end was a roller-coaster of emotions.  This was by far one of the saddest books that I have ever read.  I kept waiting for Trez and Selena’s HEA but sadly that was not to be.  The goddess had for the most part stepped in at the last minute to save the brothers shellan’s but not this time.  This reader sat in the car rider line waiting for her daughter and was literally boo hoooing, and I never cry or get emotional about a book.  Be warned before you begin that more than likely you will need a tissue.   The Warden really screwed with minds on this one!

At birth, Trez was sold by his parents to the S’Hsibe to live a life of sexual servitude.  He and his brother I am, have been running and living in the human world.  Trez has a profitable business going in Caldwell where he owns several clubs and is also a pimp.  This reader had never cared much about these two brothers, but after this installment hopes that both do have a HEA.  This book does that for Trez as well as Iam but the happy life is abruptly ended for Trez. I do miss the BDB, which was virtually missing from this book.  There was little to no involvement from any of the beloved brothers.  I am hopeful that the next installment will turn around and not be as sad as this one!

Bound (Eternal Guardians #6) by Elisabeth Naughton


3 Stars

I have really enjoyed this series but I just couldn’t really get back into this world.  The reader met the two MC’s in the last installment.  I really liked both and wanted to get to know them better.  The world just didn’t seem polished as friends and companions were missing the solidarity that was found in previous installments.  At times, the Argonauts didn’t appear to be friendly or even heroic.

As with all of the other character’s Titus and Natasa have special circumstances as well.  Titus has a knack for reading other’s thoughts.  Unfortunately, due to tricking a witch, he is now cursed with feeling their thoughts as well.  Natasa is a descendant of Poseidon, which leaves her in high demand by the Olympians.  I just didn’t see the kindred spirits between these two.

On a secondary note, Isadora is pregnant with her first child.  She is torn between two men who both want her for their soulmate.  Both are brothers.  Demetrius is her husband, and Nick and Demetrius are twins.  I could not for the life of me remember why both are in love (or lust) with Isadora.  Isadora and Demetrius are bonded due to Hera’s curse causing opposites to attract.  However, I don’t see the logic of Nick also vying for Isadora’s love.  Of course, both men want to be with her when she delivers her and Demetrius’s child – WHAT!!

I really liked the first few books of this series but either the installments are loosing their luster or I’m just not digging the mythology like I once did.

Here Kitty Kitty (Magnus Pack #3) by Shelly Laurenston

Here Kitty Kitty


4.5 stars rounded to 5

Thanks to Tantor Media for sending me this audio in exchange for an honest review.  This is book 3 in the Magnus Pack Series.  I highly suggest that you read all of these books in order.  True to form, book 3 began where book 2 left off.  This reader was ecstatic be thrown back into this world.

Finding Angie’s purse, some blood, and some hyena shifters outside of her shop in Texas, Angie’s friends thought that she was dead.  Angelina Santiago wakes up and is in North Carolina with a bunch of hillbillies thanks to Nick Vorislav’s brothers who helped her battle a hyena tracker.  The Vorislav brothers along with Nik, did not realize what a bad ass that Angie could be and could easily take care of her own.  Nik loved his slow paced life until Angie disrupted his life by shooting up his walls.

Zach, Sara, Conal, and their pack are protecting Miki so Angie decided to stay in North Carolina for a few days.  Given Angie’s love of fashion, she easily met several of the “hillbilly women”.  Angie quickly became friends with the Vorislav family but really was only interested in Nik.

And then there was Nik who she remembered from the airport in “Go Fetch”.  Staying at Nik’s house proved to be a challenge for both Nik and Angie.  Angie was used to being with shifters thanks to her friends.  However, she was not quite prepared to be around cats, especially Nik.  There was quite a bit more sex in this installment, and the chemistry between Nik and Angie was hot.

Sara, Miki, and Angie were more like sisters than best friends.  I loved the banter between the three.  The narrator was exceptional in defining all of the different characters, especially Nik and Angie.  I loved how the narrator defined Nik and his southern drawl.  The three best friends were also fun to listen to and really brought the best friends to life.  I loved Nik and his wild cat protectiveness over an independent woman who just needs to be loved.

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