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Good Girl by Lauren Layne

Good Girl

4 stars

I really enjoyed both the Oxford and Stiletto series  by Lauren Layne.  I was excited to see this one, but I just wasn’t in love with either character.  Jenny is a talented and well known recording artist in Nashville, but a scandal has left her running out of the city with her tail between her legs.  Although Jenny is innocent, the damage has been done.  She is whisked away to a remote mansion in Louisiana where she meets the “caretaker”.  Noah has a bad mouth and says whatever he wants and immediately both Jenny and Noah have a very outspoken relationship going.

Noah is actually not the caretaker but is the owner of this gorgeous and expensive mansion.  However, he is not quite ready to spill the beans and tell Jenny.  Noah is also hiding his past.  Before too long, this brooding pair becomes a couple.  Now, Noah has the issue of telling Jenny just who exactly he is and the secrets he is hiding.  .  Thanks to Tantor Media for supplying me with this book in exchange for a honest review.


The Red Door Inn by Liz Johnson 4.5 stars

Red door Inn

This is a sweet read, and I enjoyed both narrators.  I recognized Prince Edward Island but not place this location.  All of a sudden, I was transported back in time to yet another book that I enjoyed.  I love it when this happens! Both the H/HE have demons to fight and are running from emotions.   Marie is running from a destructive past that was not her fault, and Seth was running from a destructive relationship.

Both our H and HE meet when asked to renovate an old B &B.  Seth is the uncle of the owner, and Marie was simply asked to help with her decorating techniques. Initially Seth found Marie to be another woman with expensive taste but soon found out quickly that there was more than meets the eye.  There is quite a bit going on in this book, which kept me engaged.  Thanks to Tantor Media for supplying me with this book in exchange for a honest review.

Someone Like You by Laren Layne (Book 3 Oxford)


4 stars

Lauren Layne is one of my favorite go to authors, especially in audios.  This one certainly did not disappoint. I have been waiting for Lincoln’s story, and this installment was even better than I imagined. The narrator, Ms. Rebecca Estrella was also well performed.  Although this book can be read as a stand-alone, I recommend that you do read the first two books in order to better understand the characters.  I also highly recommend Ms. Layne’s other series as well.

Lincoln is not the care free guy that I have come to hate.  There hasn’t been a woman who has not been dazzled by his charm until he meets Tori, the new copy editor.  Daisy is shy, timid, and awkward.  She attempts to ignore his charms, which confuses Lincoln. The harder that he tries to win her over to his team, the more that she resist.

Daisy has had a rough life during college due to a mean spirited prank that has left her running from men, especially the playboy type.  However, as she gets to know and understand Lincoln, she realizes that there is damage behind the façade.  Both Lincoln and Daisy have so much to give but so much to shelter as well that their past is comingled with their future until both realize that they can trust the other.

Thanks to Tantor Media for supplying me this book in exchange for an honest review.



Roped In (Armed & Dangerous #2)by L.P. Dover


4.75 stars

I always love an enemy to lover book and this one did not disappoint.  Hadley is a famous country singer and is hiding out from a deranged stalker. Blake is an undercover cop assigned to watch over Hadley until the stalker can be brought to justice.  Of course, Blake is a drop dead gorgeous cowboy and the two hit it off after a week of bantering.

Blake definitely has an attitude but all eyes are now on Hadley.  This book kept me riveted from the moment that I began listening.  The narrator is outstanding and definitely will push me to read more from this author.  Thanks to Tantor Media for giving me this audio in exchange for a honest review.

Rev it Up by Julie Ann Walker (Book 3 Black Knights, Inc.)


3.75 stars

This is book three in the series.  While I have really enjoyed this series so far, this one seemed to be almost identical to the others.  Jake Summers is definitely a hot and sexy alpha SEAL.  When Jake became too close to one of his SEAL’s sister’s four years prior, he simply walked away.  Now, Jake is finding himself out of a job and moving on to the next chapter of his life.

Michelle (Shell) is raising her son on her own and is an extremely caring woman, especially when it comes to her brother and his command.   Shell has had to make some tough decisions over the years and after a massive break-up with Jake she vows to move on. Shell’s husband died in Afghanistan, and she has been raising her son alone and is determined that he will not lead a difficult life as she has.  Unfortunately, Shell’s brother and all of the men in his command have a 50,000 hit out for each of them due to an arm’s deal that went terribly wrong.  When the dealer’s brother in law gets wind of Shell, he decides to place a hit on her as well,.

Shell’s brother, Frank, ask Jake to step in to protect Shell While the Black Knights resolve the situation. This book had potential but missed the mark.  One instance that I found absolutely stupid and made me wonder as a reader was a particular gun scene where one of the guy’s fires a shot while holding a bear – I mean please give the reader some credit as to the believability of the score.  This is also a plot that has been saturated from not only this series but other books as well where couple separates and then all of a sudden they meet up after a few years and whola there is a child!  I will continue to read the next installment and then make my decision if I am going to continue with the series.

Thanks to Tantor Media for supplying this book in exchange for a honest review.  This review and others can be found at


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