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Loving a Lawman by Amy Lillard

Loving a lawman


This is my first book from this author and certainly won’t be my last by Ms. Lillard.  I love a good cowboy theme, and this one did not disappoint.  This is another series that I need to sink my teeth into.  The narrator was also new to me as well as kept the story engaging.  The Langston family is well known in Cattle Creek, TX.  Seth has lived in this small town all of his life, and he is now the sheriff.  He has had strong feelings for Jessie for a very long time.  Unfortunately, Jessie grew up on the wrong side of Cattle Creek and has had her fair share of run-ins.  The problem with their relationship is that she does not see Seth as anything but her boyfriend’s brother, Chase.

Chase is often away on the rodeo circuit without Jessica.  He is a ladies man and only has eyes for Jessica when he is back home.  Unfortunately, Seth  acts on instinct, and now the entire town is enraged, including Chase.   This is definitely quite a bit for these two to work out!

.  Thanks to Tantor Media for supplying me with this book in exchange for a honest review.



Healing a Heart by Amy Lillard

4 stars

Healing a Heart

Back at the farm, and this installment centers around Jake and Bryn.  Jake’s family plays a dynamic role in this story.  When Jake and Bryn met up for a one night stand but accepted the fact that they would never see each other and go about their business.  Unfortunately, timing was not on this couple’s side.  Four months later, Bryn found herself in a situation and knew that the baby was Jake’s.  Although she did not want or expect anything from Jake, her upbringing forced her to let him know that the baby was his.

All that Bryn has ever wanted was a family of her own, and she never expected that Jake would fulfill her dreams.  His family was extremely welcoming and invited her to stay for a few days.  Jake’s wife passed away, and he refused to ever love again.  However, Bryn and now the baby are pulling on his heartstrings.

The writing, story, and the character building were easy to follow.  The love scenes between Bryn and Jake were not forced.  The narrator was excellent and really brought the characters to life. All around good read!

Thanks to Tantor Media for supplying me with this audio in exchange for a honest review.


Hang Tough by Lorelei James (Book 8 Blacktop Cowboys)



This is book 8 in the Black Top Cowboys series. I have really enjoyed this series, and this one is one of my favorites of all the installments. I have been waiting on Tobin’s story forever and this was worth the wait! Both Tobin and Jade feel like misfits, which made the storline even sweeter. The characters were portrayed as realistic people, and their backgrounds were fully disclosed. Other characters from

Muddy Gap characters are introduced and other well loved ones returned for a cameo. If you haven’t read the series, that’s ok to read this as a stand-alone. However, reading the series in order will help with whose who!

Garnet Evans wants to protect her granddaughter and has Jade move in with her. Tobin, moves in to protect Mrs. G from being forced by her son into a home. Sparks immediately fly and some hot moments ensure the reader that this is going to be a hot ride! I just love the Mud lilies!

Texas Twist (Texas Montgomery Mavericks #4) by Cynthia D’Alba

Texas twist

4.25 stars

Although this is the 4th book in the series, the installment can be read as a stand-alone.  This book will have you laughing, crying, and just all around feeling good!  Cash Montgomery was at the top of his game – bull riding that is until the fateful day where man and beast became one.  Unfortunately for Cash, the bull won and won big. Six months later, he has returned back home and is at rock bottom.  He wants peace, quite, and more importantly the solitude of being away from his brother and his brother’s very pregnant wife.

Hoping to help Cash get out of his funk, his brother Travis, quickly agrees to let Cash move into his wife’s house that she inherited.  Unbeknownst to Travis, another inhabitant has already set up house and is none other than the girl who has always haunted Cash’s dreams.

Paige’s parents were killed in a tragic accident, and Paige left the rodeo circuit to become a nurse.  Returning home to be closer to her brother, she was given permission to move into the vacant home.  Paige is determined that Cash will not hurt her again so they have had a past.  The romance was slow due to both Paige and Cash not wanting to venture back into the unknown.  However, once the romance sizzled, nothing was going to stop those two!  This was one of my favorite books of this series, and I am looking forward to reading more from Ms. D’Alba.


Roped In (Armed & Dangerous #2)by L.P. Dover


4.75 stars

I always love an enemy to lover book and this one did not disappoint.  Hadley is a famous country singer and is hiding out from a deranged stalker. Blake is an undercover cop assigned to watch over Hadley until the stalker can be brought to justice.  Of course, Blake is a drop dead gorgeous cowboy and the two hit it off after a week of bantering.

Blake definitely has an attitude but all eyes are now on Hadley.  This book kept me riveted from the moment that I began listening.  The narrator is outstanding and definitely will push me to read more from this author.  Thanks to Tantor Media for giving me this audio in exchange for a honest review.

Cowboy Command (Cowboy Justice Association #1) by Olivia Jaymes

Cowboy Justice Association

3.75 Stars rounded to 4

Katie is all alone in life with the exception of her step-sister.  Her step-father left her with a house when he passed away.  Katie has worked a long time on her and her step-sister’s relationship.   She can’t seem to do anything right in the eyes of her sister.  After one of their lunches, Katie’s car explodes from a bomb meant to kill Katie.  Lucky for her, she went back into the restaurant to retrieve her phone.  Federal Agents intercept Katie and take her away from the scene.  Next up, her house is burned to the ground, and Katie is at the forefront of a federal investigation against her boyfriend.

Katie is put into witness protection in a small town in Montana.  Her name is changed to Presley.  Sheriff Seth Reilly is doing a favor for a FBI buddy of his.  Unfortunately, Seth didn’t realize that the woman he was asked to protect is young, fierce, and fiery.  Sparks fly between Seth and Reilly even though both have sworn off love.  Presley, aka Katie, plans on returning back to Miami once she testifies against her boyfriend, and Seth’s life is in Montana.

At times, this book was a little slow and could have definitely sped up.  This reader was able to determine the mystery fairly quickly but was still a fun read.  GR has this marked as erotica, and I definitely didn’t see any of this.   There wasn’t much of a character building, but there was enough to understand the background of the two main characters.  If you are interested in cowboys, this one may not be for you.  This is my first book by Ms. Jaymes.  I found her writing to be simple but well written.  This book left me with wanting more so I will venture to book 2.


Red Hot Texas Nights (Rebel Moonshine #2) by Kimberly Raye

Red Hot Nights

3.75 Stars

Thanks to Tantor for an advance copy of this audio in exchange for an honest review.

Red Hot Nights is the second book in Rebel Moonshine series.   This book could be a stand alone, but the first book gives the reader an account of the past in Rebel, Texas.  The quarrel between the Saywers and the Tuckers is still strong, and the city is divided.  This reader found the quarrel lasted over decades for a simple argument of who had the best moonshine.

Brandy Tucker has always been known as the wild child in Rebel.  However, this could not be further than the truth.  We find that Brandy simply allowed the city to think that she was on the wild side, and now she wants to show Rebel, Texas that she can be a successful business owner.  Brandy and Tyler always see each other when he returns to Rebel.  Tyler wants to steer clear of the small town, but he is back after two years looking for his missing brother.  The two got together and sparks flew.  The only problem with their “relationship” stems from Tyler having Sawyer in his blood.

While this reader enjoyed the banter between Brandy and Tyler as well as the supporting characters, something was missing.  We still have not determined what or who exactly killed the Tyler girls grandfather.  Perhaps, this will be revealed in book three.  I also felt that the decade feud between the Tylers and the Sawyers was a bit too long, especially if the feud was over moonshine.





Wrapped and Strapped (Black Top Cowboys #7) by Lorelei James

Wrapped and Strapped

I suggest that this series be read in order, which I did.  However, even after reading the prior installments, I had to recall all of the supporting characters.  I wasn’t sure how I would like this book since I haven’t really bonded with Harlow and her sister Tierney.  Three years ago Harlow, being the kind hearted person that she is, spent the summer on the ranch to help Tierney during her pregnancy.   While at Split Rock, Harlow met a rancher who ultimately broke her heart.  She vowed that she would never see him, but this time can’t be helped.  Harlow and Tierney’s father has suffered a heart attack and wants to mend at the ranch.  Of course, he wants both of his daughters there, and Harlow just couldn’t tell her ill father what transpired three years ago.

This time Hugh is determined to make amends with Harlow.  While the story was a typical Lorelei James romance, I had issues with Hugh’s flashbacks.  It is no secret that I am not found of flashbacks unless necessary, I found this one to be a little overboard.  All in all, I have enjoyed this series and look for more books by this author.

Hillbilly Rock star (Black Top Cowboys #6) Lorelei James

Hillbilly Rock Star

4.5 Stars

I really enjoyed reading this book.   Country star heartthrob Devin McClain has attracted star crazed fans and is in need of a bodyguard.  When one of the band members was roughed up, Devin decides to hire a bodyguard from a highly reputable security company.  As luck would have it, the bodyguard is an ex. military female who happens to be the sister of an acquaintance from Muddy Gap.

Liberty and Devin started out as employer and employee, but shortly after the tour began, they became much more.  Rather than telling the band members and groupies that Liberty was a bodyguard, both used the premise that Liberty was his personal assistant.

This was a typical Lorelei James book that included hot romance and even hotter males.  I really enjoyed this installment of Black Top Cowboys.  My rating is 4.5 stars as there were some sections that I found a little off.  I’m looking forward to the next installment.


Turn and Burn (Black Top Cowboys #5) by Lorelei James

Turn and Burn


Turn and Burn begins two years after the last installment – One Night Rodeo.  Tanna’s mother has passed away and her family’s ranch has been sold. Tanna Barker was at the top of her game as a three time world champion barrel racer when tragedy struck.  Tanna lost everything and decides to lick her wounds by accepting a temporary job in Wyoming.  Luck would have it that her sexy one night stand just happens to be the vet whose practice is big stock animals.  Since Fletch is a favorite veterinarian and doesn’t have anyone working with him, he stays extremely busy.  His lifestyle does not have room for a woman longer than a one night stand.  As luck would have it, Fletch is enamored with Tanna and wants to have that happy ever after moment.   Unfortunately, Tanna has plans of her own, which does not include making permanent residence in Muddy Gap.

Fletch is forced to take a six week vacation, which gives him the opportunity to stay in the same resort where Tanna is working and living.  While both Tanna and Fletch are hot, the sex is even hotter.  Both begin to see each other in a different light.  Tanna must make her decision to either move on or stay in Muddy Gap.  Being offered a chance of a lifetime doesn’t make Tanna’s decision any easier.

I loved both Tanna and Fletch.  Tanna had to overcome obstacles after her accident and is a very strong character but is very tender hearted.  She would be an excellent friend to have but don’t expect Tanna to open up and share her feelings unless she sees fit.  Celia, who we met in book 4, is Tanna’s best friend.  She is the one who convinced Tanna into coming to Wyoming and work with Eli.  Eli is nothing short than a horse whisper and feels that he can help Tanna overcome her fear of horses and riding.

I also liked Fletch, who was a sexy alpha male.  He brings out the best in Tanna and wants more than just a sex buddy.  Although Fletch is well aware that Muddy Gap is only temporary for Tanna, he wants to see their relationship to the end.  The one problem that I had with Fletch is his nickname for Tanna – Sugar Twang.  Although this does fit Tanna, I found myself rolling my eyes on several occasions.  I listened to this one on audio and really liked the narrator.  I am sure that she also was rolling her eyes.

I did like the fact that Tanna and Fletch were open with each other.  Both knew what they wanted and were not bashful especially during sex.  There were definitely some hot moments between these two in and out of the sheets.   Secondary characters in this installment were also mentioned.  So far, this is one of my favorite books in the series and I am looking forward to the next book.


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