The Moments Between by Natalie Banks


5 Stars

“All we really have in this life to hold onto…are the moments between.”

I have read all of Natalie Banks’ novels and devoured each one. I count myself as her number one fan! Just when I couldn’t imagine finding another book to top my favorite The Canary’s Song – Ms. Banks did it again! I loved The Moments Between! From the first paragraph until the last, I was engrossed in Claire’s world.

Claire’s world has turned upside down when her husband, Ben died in a train wreck. When Claire realizes that her husband is actually alive and well, actual events begin to unfold.  Claire will do anything to protect her precious family. She does not want to alert and alarm those closest to her, and she sure doesn’t want them to think that she is crazy – although she is crazy with worry. Will Claire be able to stop Ben’s untimely death? That question will be answered, but you first must read the book! Don’t delay – You will not be sorry.

I love how Natalie builds her characters and includes real life situations that you can relate to. I really enjoy learning more about North Carolina in all of her books. Similar to her other novels, The Moments Between has many twists and turns. Secondary characters also play an integral role in the plot. Claire’s dysfunctional family and her childhood make the reader wonder if she really made up events in order to bring the family closer together. I couldn’t wait to see the outcome, but I also wasn’t ready to leave Claire’s world either.

Thanks to Natalie Banks for sending me an advanced copy of this book. I received this before publication and really expected to have my review in much quicker – unfortunately life happened.

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