Last Call

By: Allyson K. Abbott

Narrated by: Nicole Poole

4.25 stars

Thanks to Tantor Media for supplying me with this audio.

Last Call is book number 6 in the Mack’s Bar Mystery Series

I really enjoyed this final installment of Mack’s Bar. The narration was also well played out and helped to keep the storyline moving. I love cozy mysteries and especially one with a happy ending. I felt that I was sitting on the bar stool with Mack and the gang solving the murder. I am going to miss this fun series!


Publishers Summary

Bar owner Mackenzie “Mack” Dalton and her barstool detectives love to puzzle through cold cases. But when one of their own disappears, danger is on tap….

Fresh off solving a murder that hit too close to home, Mack’s trust is shattered. But when Milwaukee Police Detective Duncan Albright asks for her help with a shooting, she can’t resist using her extra-perceptive senses to benefit others.

It turns out the victim was the ruthless businessman their friend Mal was investigating undercover. And now Mal is missing – and his fingerprints are on the gun. Was his cover blown, forcing him into hiding? Or could he be a straight-up killer on the run?

Mack doesn’t know what to believe anymore – except her own gut, which leads her to secret rooms, shocking revelations…and the fear that this could be her final round.





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