A Dark and Twisting Path (Writer’s Apprentice Mystery Series, Book 3) by Julia Buckley


Dark and Twisting

3.5 Stars

Back Cover:

Writer’s apprentice Lena London is happily working on a new collaboration with her idol, best-selling suspense novelist and friend Camilla Graham, but her joy is short-lived when a dark cloud descends upon the quaint town of Blue Lake, Indiana….

Lena’s best friend, Allison, is in a panic. On a walk in the woods by her home, Allison discovers the body of her mail carrier, an argumentative man who recently had a falling out with Allison’s husband. Lena quickly realizes Allison has nothing to worry about, as the murder weapon points to a different suspect altogether: Lena’s embattled boyfriend, Sam West.

Sam was cleared of his wife’s murder when she was found alive, and now someone is trying to make him look guilty again. Surveillance video of a break-in at his house shows a shadowy figure trying to incriminate him by stealing the weapon from his desk. Lena and Camilla work on a suspect list, but a threatening note and a violent intrusion at Graham House prove the devious killer has decided to write them into the plot.

My Review:

Lena London and Sam West are back at it again with another mystery to solve.  It has been a while since I read the last installment so I was a little confused on some of the parts.  I did enjoy this installment.  The characters are well flushed and the storyline moved along nicely.  I would definitely read this installment in order! All in all a good fun cozy mystery!

Thanks to Tantor for giving me this audio for an honest review.




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