Deep Cover by Scarlett Cole

Deep Cover

4 Stars

Happy Publication Day!  Thank you to St. Martins Press and Net Galley for giving me this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

This was a nice and well wrapped up conclusion to Cabe Moss’s story.  Two years prior, Cabe, ex. Navy Seal, lost the love of his life to an IED in Afghanistan.  The day of his ex- finance’s birthday, he meets a very attractive woman in a bar and happens to flirt with her.  Guilt ridden and ashamed, Cabe leaves the bar with no explanation.  As co-owner of Eagle Securities, Cabe and his friends are pulled into a mission by none other than the woman that Cabe met at the bar.  Confused and conflicted, Cabe agrees to work with her.

Amy has her own demons to conquer after being sexually harassed by a superior in the Atlanta field office.  Now, transferred to San Diego, Amy wants to jumpstart her career and forget the issues back in Atlanta.  She isn’t just another pretty face, and wants to prove that she is a top- notch FBI agent. Although she is attracted to Cabe, she wants to remain on professional terms only.

Amy is drawn into a unique case due to her upbringing.  She was basically raised in casinos since her dad was a professional poker champion.  Working on a missing woman’s case runs too close to home for Amy – her mother went missing when Amy was 10 and was never found.

While Amy’s intentions are to remain totally platonic with Cabe, emotions run high for both.  Cabe can’t imagine a life without Jess, and is torn with his feelings towards Amy.  Cabe knows deep in his heart that Jess would want him to find love and move on without her.  He just isn’t sure if he can do it.  Both Amy and Cabe are strong characters and are passionate about solving the case.

I am assuming that this is the end of the series since all of the installments have focused on each of the Eagle Security owners. This installment can be read as a stand-alone.  I enjoyed all of the books in the series and highly recommend this author.




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