Finder Keeper of My Heart by Vina Arno


4 Stars

Thank you to the author for supplying me with this book in exchange for a honest review.

I enjoyed reading In His Corner and was excited when Ms. Arno contacted me and offered Finder Keeper of My Heart.  The premise is very intriguing and not a common plot.  I found both of the main characters to be likeable but found Emma to be a little irritating.  Granted, she is quite young but was a little too winey at times. I thought that Avery was a good sport and was definitely more mature than Emma.  The storyline flowed nicely and was a quick read.  For me, the ending was rushed, and there were some questions that were left hanging.  I definitely can see this stand-alone being turned into a series and would love to know more about Emma and Avery.


Emma Munroe, a Juilliard senior, snags a plum role on Broadway a few weeks before her twenty-first birthday. She travels to Hawaii with her best friends to celebrate. When she gets lost in a jungle during an impromptu hike, she happens upon a waterfall—and a naked hunk bathing underneath it.

When she finds out his name is Avery Bell, she’s dumbstruck. She believes she’s meant to love someone named Avery. It all goes back to a message in a bottle she found when she was nine, a letter written by a soldier called Avery to his sweetheart named Emma. He’d written it in the aftermath of the Pearl Harbor attack during World War II. Since then, Emma has been searching (and saving her virginity) for her own Avery.

But Avery Bell is as mysterious as he is irresistible. Emma learns about his family secrets and bitterness. In the course of this vacation, an accident and a tragic death will shake both of them to the core. Her singular faith in him—her unwavering belief in love and destiny—proves to be his saving grace.




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