Just One Night by Lauren Layne

Just One Night 1

3.5 Stars

Thanks to Tantor Media for sending me this audio in exchange for a honest review.

Just One Night is the third installment in the Sex, Love, and Stiletto series.   This was a fun and quick series.  I have been looking forward to Sam’s story and this did not disappoint.  I also found the narrator to be engaging as well.   I found Riley to be a believable character.  She had always been in love with Sam and was devastated when she found out Sam had married.   Although Riley was a sex columnist, she had very little experience in that department.  She trudged up the courage and asked Sam to sleep with her.  Sam, being the gentleman obliged!  The only problem that had held Sam at bay with Riley in prior years was the fact that Riley was his best friend’s sister.

While I enjoyed the banter between the two, I couldn’t help but wonder why they had not gotten together in 10 years.  Sam was worried about Riley’s family, but even her brother, did not even think them being together was an issue.



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