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Jamie Quinn Box Set


Barbara Venkataraman has graciously offered a chance for three lucky readers to win an ebook boxed set of her first three installments of the Jamie Quinn Cozy Mystery series.  If you love cozy mysteries, you will really enjoy this set!

All that you have to do is be a member of Readingaroundthegenre blog and post a comment here that you would like a copy.  Three lucky winners will be drawn on Saturday evening around 8:00 PM EST.  Be sure to check back here in order for me to get your information to send to Ms. Venkataraman.


4.75 Stars rounded to 5*

This collection was given to be by the author for an honest review.  The review is my opinion and is not reflected on the complimentary copy.

This collection contains three novellas but read like one book.  I really enjoyed this series and plan to continue.  I love the author’s writing style, and all of the characters were well flushed. By the end of the first chapter in book 1 I felt that I really knew and understood the main character.  I love a cozy mystery, especially those where a woman is the lead and heroine, and Jamie is all that and more.  All three of these books can be read as a stand-alone, but I highly encourage you to read in order.  Characters are introduced in one book and carried over to the next.

Book 1 Death by Didgeridoo

The first book introduces Jamie and her family.  Unfortunately, Jamie’s mother died of cancer three years ago, and Jamie decided to quit her job as a divorce attorney.  Her “retirement” didn’t last long as her autistic cousin was accused of murdering his music teacher.  Although Jamie is a divorce attorney, she immediately steps up, and with the help of her best friend enlist others more qualified to assist her cousin.  Some parts were heart wrenching as Jamie and her aunt (her mom’s sister) comes to terms about Jamie’s mom’s death.

Jamie never knew her dad or even his name.  This topic was introduced and carried to book 2.

Book 2 The Case of the Killer Divorce

Jamie is now back at work full time but is working for herself.  She is once again thrown into a murder case when one of her clients is accused of murdering her soon to be ex. Husband.  The plot of locating Jamie’s father is getting thicker, and she happens to run into one of her ex boyfriends from high school.  Although these two seem to be an unlikely pair, I was rooting for Jamie and Kip.

Book 3 Peril in the Park

The second book introduced Kip, Jamie’s now boyfriend. This book is a little different than the first two, because a specific client is not introduced but rather focuses on Jamie, Kip, and now Jamie’s soon to be step-mother.  I loved getting to know Kip better and am definitely rooting for these two to last.  We also get another glimpse of Jamie’s father with the hopes that his Visa will be approved, and he is able to come to the states to finally meet his daughter and be with his wife.  There is a twist towards the end, and I had expected it.  The book ends on a high note.

Before Ms. Venkataraman offered me this collection, I had not heard of this series.  I am so glad that she approached me!  I can’t wait to read book 4 and continue with Jamie’s saga!








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