Fit to Die (Supper Club Mysteries #2) by Ellery Adams Narrated by Karen White

Fit to die

4 Stars

I have really enjoyed prior books by Ellery Adams. When I saw that Karen White was the narrator, I immediately requested this book without even reading the premise. Ms. White is one of my favorite narrators. She would make a Stephen King novel tame!
This was a cute cozy mystery with a few twists and turns. I suspected immediately who the culprit was and was correct. The low level of mystery did not deter me from the book but rather was fun continuing with the ruse. Only one of the flab five characters was fleshed out; the others were only glimpses within the plot.

The supper club group were fun, quirky, and a tad overweight from all of the carbs. A new fitness club opens in town and all five of the flab club sign up. The workouts are rigorous, but the trainer is eye candy for the ladies. The fitness center also includes pre-packaged frozen foods that are required to be purchased in order to be on the program. Unfortunately, for our five flab, cardboard would be tastier.

Thanks to Tantor Media for sending me this audio in exchange for a honest review.


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