Running in the Dark by Sam Reaves

Running in the dark


Abby was uprooted from the booming city of New York to Lewisburg, Indiana for a teaching position.  By all accounts, Lewisburg is a sleepy college town where everything is in walking distance. Hoping for a new start and to leave behind a tragedy, Abby moves alone expecting for a quite solitude two years as a professor. No place to live and no car immediately throws Abby into a quarry on places to go.  After one night at the sleazy hotel, Abby is offered an apartment, which has been converted from a two-story home.  The apartment appears to be tranquil, and Abby immediately signs the lease.

The following day Abby witnesses a crime and is completely shaken and ready to run back to Manhattan.  The plot thickens but centers primarily on the crime.  There are several bumps along the way stemming from a lovesick student.  Abby is constantly looking over her shoulder expecting the worst.

I found myself rooting for Abby but not so much the other characters.  I liked the university background especially since I am a university instructor and can relate.  However, the student’s involvement in the plot appeared to be rushed and slightly far-fetched.  The book started off well but ended in a crawl to the finish, which abruptly ended with a twisted ending.

Thanks to Netgalley and Thomas and Mercer Publishing for suppling me this book for an honest review.



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