The Choices I Made

The Choices I made Tantor


Sometimes the choices that we make in life can haunt us forever.  One choice can change destiny but can the choice be rectified?  Jake, Molly, and Dean were best friends since elementary school.  Jake and Molly realized in high school that they were soul mates and everyone assumed that they would get married and start their own family.  Sadly, Molly decided to remain on the island and run her family’s B&B and Jake decided to leave the island and go to medical school with the prospect of never returning.

Ten years has passed and both have seemingly moved on.  Jake is now a doctor and Molly is still running the business.  Jake has returned home due to his dad’s passing, and he must make a choice on what to do with his dad’s small medical practice.  His intention is to wrap up loose ends and return home ASAP.  A tragic event occurs at the beginning of the book, which I am still wrapping my head around why the necessity.  As soon as Jake sees Molly, memories begin to flood and he is swept back to when they were in love.  The only problem is that Molly and Dean are engaged and soon to be married.

For me, the characters were well flushed and their roles are believable.  At times, I couldn’t stand Jake and wanted to shake Molly.   However, my emotions were all over the place with this one.  Being from a small town, I understood why Jake had to leave and didn’t want to return.  I understood Molly’s reluctance to even see Jake once he returned.  I did not understand why Molly would run to Dean as soon as Jake left.  And, poor Dean was in the middle of this love triangle once Jake did return.

The narrator had a soothing voice and kept the story moving.  I do like Ms. Berg’s style and have read other books by this author.  This is the start of a new series, and I will have this one on my radar! Thanks to Tantor Media for supplying this book in exchange for a honest review.


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