Good Girl by Lauren Layne

Good Girl

4 stars

I really enjoyed both the Oxford and Stiletto series  by Lauren Layne.  I was excited to see this one, but I just wasn’t in love with either character.  Jenny is a talented and well known recording artist in Nashville, but a scandal has left her running out of the city with her tail between her legs.  Although Jenny is innocent, the damage has been done.  She is whisked away to a remote mansion in Louisiana where she meets the “caretaker”.  Noah has a bad mouth and says whatever he wants and immediately both Jenny and Noah have a very outspoken relationship going.

Noah is actually not the caretaker but is the owner of this gorgeous and expensive mansion.  However, he is not quite ready to spill the beans and tell Jenny.  Noah is also hiding his past.  Before too long, this brooding pair becomes a couple.  Now, Noah has the issue of telling Jenny just who exactly he is and the secrets he is hiding.  .  Thanks to Tantor Media for supplying me with this book in exchange for a honest review.

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