Guardians Mate (Shifters Unbound #9) by Jennifer Ashley


Guardians Mate (Shifters Unbound #9) by Jennifer Ashley

3.75 Stars

In the last installment, the Guardian was destroyed and now the shiftertown is in need of another one.  Surprisingly, Rae Lyall, an orphan was designated by the goddess. The shifters are not happy about this rare gesture.  Not only is Ran an orphan but is female.  Rae is the first female to be a guardian.  Rae is resentful and does not want to be burdened as a guardian of the shifters.

Elon, Rae’s dad, takes her out of shiftetown to learn new skills from Zander, who is a polar bear healer.  These two were great together.  This reader enjoyed the banter between the two.  Zander taught Rae well in how to hold a sword and how to locate a shifter heart. Before Rae was completed trained, she had to perform her duties to an Alaskan shifter.

Rae and Zander decided to celebrate her success and went to a non-shifter bar.  A bar fight ensued, which led to a boat adventure.  This reader did not see how this adventure contributed to the overall book.  During this adventure, both were captured by a human shifter hunter.  Eventually this hunter became a friend and Zander helped him and his ill wife.  The mating frenzy hits shifters, and this is exactly what happened to these two.

This reader had a difficult time with this installment.  There was too much going on that really didn’t add to the plot.  Rae and Zander had somewhat of a likeable relationship but not enough to feel the love.

Thanks to Tantor for supplying me with this book for a honest review.


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