Morrison by MJ Fields and Chelsea Camaron


3.5 stars

Morrison Caldwell’s life has had challenges.  He and his brothers were raised by their abusive alcoholic father until Morrison made a life out of playing professional poker.  Known for his one night stands and fast cars, he had no intention of settling down until he met Hadley.  This high roller decided that he needed to protect Hadley from her abusive and savage husband.

Hadley married at 17 to repay a debt.  Her life has been reduced to a slave and does not trust easily due to her situation.  Morrison was very patient with Hadley and wanted to help her and her daughter.  At times, I wanted to shake her so that she could see how well that he was to her.  Slowly, Hadley did begin to trust Morrison.  This reader just had a difficult time seeing the romance between the two, and Morrison’s age was never disclosed.  I also had a difficult time with the return of Hadley’s husband and his compassion after seven years of severe abuse.

Thanks to Tantor Media for giving me this audio in exchange for a honest review.



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