Born in Death (#23 In Death) by JD Robb


5 stars

What can I say – I loved this book.  So far, this is one of my all-time favorites of this series.  Eve is investigating the murder of a professional woman.  Quickly, the murder becomes two as her fiancé who happens to work for the same company is also found murdered.  In the middle of all of this, Eve is tasked with throwing a baby shower for her BFF, Mavis.  Both Roarke and Eve are at crossroads with Mavis’ impending delivery since they were requested to be in the birthing room.  Eve is extremely out of her comfort zone, and of course, Peabody pitches in to  save the day.  The baby shower is a success, except Mavis is extremely worried about another pregnant woman she befriended in her childbirth class.  Tandy was excited to be invited but never showed.  Eve promised Mavis that she would check on Tandy, which quickly became a kidnapping.

I loved the banter between Roarke and Eve on the baby issues.  Both came from dysfunctional families are so out of their comfort zone.  Give these two a grisly murder, and they can handle but give them a pregnant woman – and watch out!   Both of the mommies go into labor at Eve and Roark’s home, and Sommerset, of all people, knows exactly what to do.

Watching Eve run back and forth between the two women was enough to give this book 5 stars.  This installment just goes to show how close all of our characters are and they tough as nails Eve can also have a BFF that she will do anything for!


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