John Moody: Navy Seal – The Kola Peninsula Conspiracy by Dick Couch


3.5 stars

This is the first book that I have read by this author and certainly won’t be my last.   Not many authors use their backgrounds to write such as well detailed and thought out plot.  Mr. Moody is actually an ex. Navy Seal so the premise of this book was fitting.  One can only assume that while this is a work of fiction, the author did use his vast skills and knowledge and incorporated into the storyline.

John Moody grew up tough on a ranch in Wyoming.  In order to avoid the rodeo circuit or hard cattle farming, Moody headed to college and then to Seal training in Colorado.  His life coasted along until the Kola mission.   Now, John Moody is in the throes of one of his most dangerous missions.

If you like action, you will like this one.  Joe Barnett is a new narrator to me, and I found his rendition of the story to be enjoyable. Thanks to Tantor Media for giving me this book in exchange for a honest review.





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