Dream Chaser (Dark Hunters #14)


3.5 stars

Just like the last several installments, this one has the reader focusing on yet another demigod that has fallen from grace for some reason or another. Xypher was betrayed and trapped in Tarturus but now gets his chance to even the score when returned to New Orleans for a month.  Xpher’s vengenance is on Satara, sister of Stryker.

Dr. Simone DuBois can see ghost and is actually friends with a couple.  Simone agrees to help with a serial killer case that just so happens puts her in the line of fire with Xypher.  This reader just didn’t see the love interest/connection between these two.  The characters were not flushed out and seemed to be missing a piece of the puzzle.

While this reader enjoyed the installment, Dream Chaser left little to be desired.  The series is becoming extremely predictable with a template that is being followed.  I will continue with the series since I have so much time invested.


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