Nowhere to Hide by Lindsay McKenna (Delos #1)


3 Stars

This is the first book in the series, which this reader feels has potential.  Lia was brutally attacked five years ago while serving in the military.  Her distrust of men is warranted due to the attack.  Delos is an international organization formed and run by General Robert Culver and his wife Dilara.  This organization protects their employees and offers security.  Lia is currently working at a school in Costa Rica when a drug lord (Dante Medina aka ‘La Arana – The Spider) demolishes the school and kills teachers and students.  Cav is assigned from the Delos group to protect Lia, who is in imminent danger.  Upon first glance, Lia does not want Cav around her.  However, she quickly decides that she is in dire need of protection since Dante has a bounty on her head.

While Lia is still recovering emotionally from the brutal attack, Cav also has baggage from his childhood.  Understanding the reasoning’s behind both holding back from accepting each other was a requirement in flushing out both characters.  However, their past kept creeping up until this reader was tired of hearing about their issues.  Getting to know and trust each other was an extremely slow process and slowed the pace of the book.  Both of the characters definitely deserved their HEA, but there was less action and little romance.  I will continue with the series and see where the next couple of books takes me.

Thanks to Tantor Media for supplying this book in exchange for a honest review.


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