No Limit by L.P. Dover (Armed and Dangerous #1)


5 Stars

This is my first read by this author but certainly not my last.  This book can be read as a stand alone but also as part of the series.  Jason Avery is an undercover agent who prefers to work alone.  He can be an arrogant and jealous man at times but his very loyal.  Jason has never failed a case and puts everything he has into solving murders.  Jason is assigned to a case in Los Vegas  where a madam is found dead. Now, Jason has a serial killer on his hands who is killing prostitutes.  So far, there are no leads and he must deal with the ladies that worked for the madam.

Aylee McFadden is a FBI agent but doesn’t look the part.  Jason and Aylee were asked to team up to help solve the case of the missing and now murdered madam.  Both Jason and Aylee are not happy to be working together and are constantly showing their dislike towards each other.  However, both agree that in order to solve this case they must work together.  Being in close proximity for so long, they begin to show feelings towards each other.  Jason is the first to speak up and tell Aylee that he does care for her. Because of Jason’s new found love for Aylee, he becomes extremely protective.

Once I started this book, I was not able to put it down.  I love a good mystery, and I kept trying to decide who the murderer was.  I didn’t know until the end of the book, which also came with a twist.  Aylee and Jason were incredible characters, and the chemistry between the two was extremely hot.  I will definitely continue with this series!

Thanks to Tantor for giving me this book in exchange for a honest review.



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