Second Life by S.J. Watson


2 stars

This book started out with promise. Chapter one was leading up to the beginning of a suspenseful thriller. Sadly, after chapter one, the storyline started to go downhill. After the middle of the book, I absolutely hated both of the main characters. The plot shifted from Julia’s sister’s murder to Julia and the rough life that she led before her husband married her and returned her to a more suitable lifestyle.

In Julia’s quest to find her sister’s murderer, she decided to login to her sister’s online dating account. What an excuse to meet men in the name of a dead woman. This book was not dark but was absolutely morbid and boring! To make matters worse, the book was written in first person present tense even when Julia was describing her past life and the life of her sister.

I can’t imagine this book as a audio. This review in no way slams the author but just wasn’t for me.


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