Depraved Heart by Patricia Cornwell


2.75 stars

Gone are the days where I just couldn’t wait until the next installment of Kay Scarpetta.  I loved all of the characters especially Kay.  Now, my beloved characters are really annoying me and the banter between all of them is giving me a headache.  I do realize that this is book 23 and only so much can happen, but please bring back some of the villains and make Kay, Benton, and Lucy worthy again.

The story was a rehash of what has occurred in the past and everyone is worried that Carrie didn’t die but is making their life a living hell not knowing when she will resurface.  To sum up this book, there was just too much going on within a 24 hour period.  I could hardly keep up and the tome of the book that it is could have been fully fleshed out in half the number of pages.  There was one suspicious death that finally made since at the beginning of the last chapter.  Lucy has been reduced to the lowest level ever, and Kay is not much better.  Please, please bring back the old Kay and Benton that we love.  At this point, Benton and Kay might get a divorce and all live happier than what is being disclosed.  I have so much invested in this series that I will continue reading until I can’t take the characters anymore, and this may be sooner rather than later.



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