Sinner’s Revenge (#2 in Sinner’s Creed) by Kim Jones


This reader envisioned this book to be a continuation of Sinner’s Creed.  The premise was centered around the death of Dirk from book one.  However, this could have easily been a stand alone book. Shady has vowed for revenge against those who killed his brother.  In order to exact revenge, Shady, now known as Zeke lands a job as a web designer in order to be closer to the MC gang that killed Dirk.  Of course,  a woman had to come into the picture.  Diem knew that Zeke, aka Shady, was not who proposed to be yet she still fell hard for him.

Diem has some secrets of her own. The relationship starts off extremely rocky and a bit strange. The fighting and bickering between the two at times was actually amusing and refreshing to see that couples actually do get into heated battles rather than loving bliss.

At times, I found this book to be very slow and extremely dark.  I was not crazy about the first book, and this one is much better.  Ms. Jones did an excellent job in getting the readers to better understand the  intricacies and brotherhood of the motorcycle club.

Thanks to Tantor Media for supplying this audio in exchange for an honest review.


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