Innocent in Death (#24 In Death) by J.D. Robb


5 stars

Moving right along to book 24 in the series.  By now, I should be getting extremely tired of this series; that is far from the case.  Once I finish an In Death book, I am always wanting more.  This installment does have Eve and Roarke at odds with each other.  This behavior is becoming more apparent with these two.  When the reader thinks that all is lost, Eve and Roarke take out their agressions either on drons or on each other.  After the sizzle ends, they have wild sex and their world is turned upright once again.

When an innocent teacher winds up dead, Eve is immediately to the resuce.  This time she may need to uncover what just seems like lost ends.  Craig Foster winds up dead after eating is lunch laced with deadly ricin.  Eve is even more perplexed when another body shows up.

As usual, I loved the audio narrated by Susan Ericksen.



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