Rushing the Goal by Tony Aleo


3.5 Stars

Lucy is a single woman trying to make ends meet.  Her daughter is her world, and she will do anything for her.  When Benji substitutes for her daughter’s hockey team, she realizes that he is her brother’s teammate.  Both Lucy and Benji have a past that has swayed them away from love.  Benji lost his beloved wife  and two year old daughter in a terrible accident 12 years prior.  Lucy had gotten pregnant very young with Angie and has suffered from a nasty divorce.  By all accounts, Lucy’s ex. could be considered destructive.  Benji begins to think that he could be happy with Lucy and Angie.

I loved Benji, Lucy, and Angie.  I do like more of a book with suspense or angst.  This was just a sweet love story, which did work for this particular book.

Thanks to Tantor for giving me this audio in exchange for a honest review.


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