The Way Home (One Eyed Jacks #2) by Cindy Gerard

One Eyed Jacks

4 stars

This was such an emotional read and I was heavily engrossed after chapter one.  From the beginning of the book, this reader immediately knew how the end was going to play.

Jess was tired and emotionally drained from being a military bride.   Four years later the inevitable happened, and Jess was told that Jeff had perished In Afghanistan.  Jess decided to move back to her hometown and began running her parents shop.

Surrounded by family and friends, Jess slowly begins the healing process.  She never wanted to love again until Ty came into the picture. Ty is also returning to their hometown with a broken heart.  However,  Ty convinces her to take a chance on him, even though he is also in the military.  Ty and Jess begin to plan for the future but fate has different plans.

Jess finds out that Jeff really isn’t dead but has escaped captivity and is being hidden by an Afghan woman. Jeff and Rabia are beginning to fall in love.  The love triangle in this book was emotional and was difficult to decide who to root for.  Both Rabia and Jess are strong  characters and bring raw emotions into the picture.  The One Eyed Jacks made a quick appearance, which gives the book the flavor of the series.


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