Simply Unforgettable (Simply Quartet #1) by Mary Balogh

3.5 starsSimply Unforteble

As a regency era romance, this one did not fit the bill for me.  There were just too many unbelievable instances.  The heroine is a school teacher and also a world class opera singer.  During this period, the majority of women did not work much less have two jobs.  This reader doesn’t know much about the life of a famous opera singer, but one would think that she would be required to practice rather than teach children.

When Frances’ carriage overturns in a snowstorm, Lucius, Viscount Sinclair saves Frances.  Over the course of a few days stranded, both realize that they have feelings for one another.  While Frances returns to teaching, Lucius returns home to propose to a lady that everyone expects him to marry.  However, fate will require Lucius again to save Frances.  He vows to sway her to become his mistress where she will be lavished with gifts and can focus on her singing career.

The majority of the book is ho hum chalked full of Lucius pursuing Frances while Frances holds a secret from her past.  The one saving grace continuing in this book is to find out what the big secret is.  Unfortunately, when the secret is revealed, this reader is not impressed.  The book plays out like a contemporary romance although this should have been a historical romance.  This reader has enjoyed Ms. Balogh’s prior books and only hopes that book 2 in this series is better.

Had it not been for the narrator, this book may have ended up on my DNF shelf.Thanks to Tantor Media for supplying me with this book in exchange for an honest review.


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