The Shadows (Black Dagger Brotherhood #13) by J.R. Ward

The Shadows

4.5 Stars

If you are remotely familiar with the BDB, this book is like none of the others in the series. While this reader took forever to finish, the middle to the end was a roller-coaster of emotions.  This was by far one of the saddest books that I have ever read.  I kept waiting for Trez and Selena’s HEA but sadly that was not to be.  The goddess had for the most part stepped in at the last minute to save the brothers shellan’s but not this time.  This reader sat in the car rider line waiting for her daughter and was literally boo hoooing, and I never cry or get emotional about a book.  Be warned before you begin that more than likely you will need a tissue.   The Warden really screwed with minds on this one!

At birth, Trez was sold by his parents to the S’Hsibe to live a life of sexual servitude.  He and his brother I am, have been running and living in the human world.  Trez has a profitable business going in Caldwell where he owns several clubs and is also a pimp.  This reader had never cared much about these two brothers, but after this installment hopes that both do have a HEA.  This book does that for Trez as well as Iam but the happy life is abruptly ended for Trez. I do miss the BDB, which was virtually missing from this book.  There was little to no involvement from any of the beloved brothers.  I am hopeful that the next installment will turn around and not be as sad as this one!


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