The Angel’s Share by J.R. Ward (The Bourbon Kings #2)

The Angel's Share

3.75 rounded to 4

This is the second book in the Bourbon Kings series. The first book was released almost a year ago.

I was surprised that I actually remembered book 1.  The Angel’s Share immediately picks up where book 1 left off so I do highly suggest that you read book 1 first.  There is quite a few side stories going on and one is taken back to either Dallas or Dynasty so many years ago.  J.R. Ewing could easily slip into this role.  This book was filled will drama and everyone is a suspect.

The most obvious suspect is the middle brother Edward, who happens to have the most hatred and resent towards his late father.  Edward has every right to be angry. Lane, the youngest son certainly had his fair share of unlucky breaks from his father as well as Maxwell, who returns home after being gone for a long period of time.  As the suspects mount, family is in dire jeopardy of losing not only their company but their family fortune as well.

What I liked about this book are how the characters are interwoven and each have their own issues.  Although there were a slew of characters, the writing was such that this reader did not become confused.  This reader also contributes the additional stars to the narrator, who in my humble opinion, did an excellent job with the various voices.  I was a little concerned that a male was going to handle all parts, including females, but he did an excellent job and get me wanting more.

What I disliked about this book is that there were so many side stories that often times took away from the main story.  I would have liked more on Lane and how he works to bring the company back from ruins to riches. I also would like more on Lizzie and Lane’s upcoming nuptials.   The cliffhangers from both book 1 and book 2 drive me nutty.  Let’s just hope that book 3 wraps up all storylines in a nice tight bow and delivers to the followers of this soap opera drama.

I just hope that the next book wraps up the storyline.  I hope that we don’t have to wait another year for the third  book in this installment.


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