A Deadly Dealer (A Collectible Mystery #3) by Ellery Adams and J.B. Stanley

A Deadly Dealer

4.5 stars

Molly Applebee and her mother, Clare, have a very close bond.  Clara used to own an antique shop but now works for an antique auction.  Molly was once a middle school teacher and now writes for an antique magazine.  The setting in this story drew me in since I have family that lives in Nashville, TN.  I also love to visit the Opryland Hotel, especially at Christmas.

Molly was on her way to find coffee for herself and her mother since their coffee pot in the room was not working.  As usual, Molly finds herself in a predicament.  She gets lost trying to locate the lobby in this huge hotel.  The hotel is one of the largest that I’ve ever been to and one does need a map to navigate.  In Molly’s quest to locate the lobby, she stumbles across a dead body who is one of her mother’s acquaintances.

There are a couple of stories going on but front and center is who killed the dealer.  I am really enjoying this series, especially the narrator.  This is a super easy to read cozy mystery but don’t be fooled.  Most of the time, the murderer may not be who you think that it is.  Very nice writing!


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