Harvest Moon (Virgin River #13) by Robyn Carr

Harvest Moon

4.5 Stars

So far, this is one of my favorites in the series although the favored townsfolk of VR were not as present as in the past.  Sous Chef Kelly Matlock flees her job after she passes out at work over stress.  The stress is due to the busy position that she has at the restaurant and from her fantasy lover’s wife.  Kelly feels used and wants some down time with her sister.  Jillian’s story was in book 13 – Wild Man Creek.  If you haven’t read it yet, I strongly suggest that you do.  Kelly and Jillian make a great team working in Jillian’s organic garden.  Both are excited at the prospect of possibly going into business together.

Lief Holbrook is a famous screenwriter who is grieving over the loss of his wife.  He and his teenaged daughter move to VR in hopes to slow down and to get to know each other better.  At first, I thought that is daughter, Courtney, was a brat and needed to be knocked down a few pegs.  However, once I knew her story, I felt sorry for her and knew that she not only needed help but also needed a mother figure.

The pacing of this story was appropriate.  The ending was different than the other books but was still enjoyable.  I did feel that the epilogue was slightly rushed.  One minute Kelly’s car was packed, and she was leaving.  The next minute she and lief (and even Courtney) were finally getting ther HEA.


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