Wild Man Creek (Virgin River #12) by Robyn Carr

Wild Man Creek

4 stars

Jillian Matlock was a very successful HR marketing rep when she was called into her mentor, who happened to be her boss’s office on a Monday morning.  Apparently, the office affair that she was having with an employee turned out to be one of her worst mistakes.  She is now up for a sexual harassment case as the worker digs his heels in to move into her position.

Jillian decides to lick her wounds by driving to Virgin River since her sister and girlfriends visited in the last installment.  Upon arriving at Virgin River, Jillian locates an old renovated home that was a former resident.  When Hope passed away, she left the house to the fine establishment of VR and to Jack as executor of her estate.

 Jillian at one falls in love with the property and can see potential for the grounds to be an organic garden.  She talks Jack into letting her rent the old Victorian home and eventually purchases the house.  Fortunately, for Jillian, she was able to save millions from wise investments and from her successful career.

Colin Riordan is visiting VR trying to cope with his near fatal helicopter accident.  His injuries pretty much sealed his deal of ever going back to the job he loves.  Colin has resorted to renting a cabin from his brother and resuming his love of wildlife painting.  Colin and Jillian strike up a friendship that quickly becomes a hot adult romance.

 While I really enjoyed this installment, this one was not one of my favorites. All of the crew were present and accounted for, but something was just missing.  I definitely was rooting for this couple to find their HEA and just like VR’s other couples, they are able to quickly become favorites within their tiny little knit community.


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