Bound (Eternal Guardians #6) by Elisabeth Naughton


3 Stars

I have really enjoyed this series but I just couldn’t really get back into this world.  The reader met the two MC’s in the last installment.  I really liked both and wanted to get to know them better.  The world just didn’t seem polished as friends and companions were missing the solidarity that was found in previous installments.  At times, the Argonauts didn’t appear to be friendly or even heroic.

As with all of the other character’s Titus and Natasa have special circumstances as well.  Titus has a knack for reading other’s thoughts.  Unfortunately, due to tricking a witch, he is now cursed with feeling their thoughts as well.  Natasa is a descendant of Poseidon, which leaves her in high demand by the Olympians.  I just didn’t see the kindred spirits between these two.

On a secondary note, Isadora is pregnant with her first child.  She is torn between two men who both want her for their soulmate.  Both are brothers.  Demetrius is her husband, and Nick and Demetrius are twins.  I could not for the life of me remember why both are in love (or lust) with Isadora.  Isadora and Demetrius are bonded due to Hera’s curse causing opposites to attract.  However, I don’t see the logic of Nick also vying for Isadora’s love.  Of course, both men want to be with her when she delivers her and Demetrius’s child – WHAT!!

I really liked the first few books of this series but either the installments are loosing their luster or I’m just not digging the mythology like I once did.


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