A Treacherous Trader (A Collectible Mystery #4) By Ellery Adams

Traiterous Trader

4 stars

In this installment, Molly Appleby is engaged to Dr. Mark Harrison (Book #3) and is on a mission to locate a vintage wedding dress.  At the direction of her family and close friend, Molly vows to stay clear from trouble, specifically a murder mystery.  Mark is hoping for a residency position in Burlington, VT so this is where they agreed to get married.  Molly and her friend Kitty travel to VT in search of the wedding dress.  Unfortunately, Kitty was called home during the week trip to VT, and Molly’s mother took Kitty’s place.  Both women begin to work together to unravel Portman’s murder.

As luck would have it, Molly meets a photographer who just happens to wind up dead.  The wedding photographer turns out to be a womanizer and a possible jewel thief.  Several have wanted him dead so now Molly is in search of solving the mystery.  Two women are at the top of Molly’s suspect list.  Violet an ex.wife who Portman (photographer) left in a wheelchair after an accident or perhaps Lindsay who just found out that  Portman is her father.  And, there is another bridal shop owner who treats bride to be Molly with disdain and contempt.

A secondary story revolves around an expensive tierra from the 1930’s brought from Germany.  Although this was a side story and not related to Molly’s mystery, this was a sweet distraction from Molly’s adventure.

I am really enjoying this series and hope that Ms. Adams continues with this series.  This is the first book where she has co-authored.  Thanks to Tantor Media for sending me this audio in exchange for an honest review.



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