Filthy Rich by Vina DePaul

4 stars

Filthy Rich

What a hot cover, Wowza!!  I went into this book with no expectations.  I just assumed that this was another billionaire  who falls for his employee.  This book was so much more than what I expected!

Cara Michal is a successful businesswoman on Wall Street.  She has had to fight her entire life to better herself and is now taking care of her mother and brother.  Her brother has treatment-resistant schizophrenia and is living in an assisted living facility.  Fortunately for Cara’s family, she pays for her brother’s care and  helps her mother with her finances – or lack of. Cara loves to dance, which soothes her.  Her father died years before after being accused of fraud.  Cara was invited to a company party where she left her date and went upstairs away from all the noise.  Extremely tired, she quickly falls asleep only to wake up kissing a very sexy man.  Cara later discovers the man is her new boss.

In spite of herself, Cara wants to get to know Branden Duke who happens to have a wicked reputation.  Their passion for each other is extremely strong and unquenchable.  All of the employees are whispering about Cara’s and Branden’s hot affair.  Cara can handle all of the innuendos by some of her colleagues.  What she can’t handle are sexy photos and videos that have been released.  All of the photos are doctored to appear to be Cara and Branden.

Cara was a very refreshing heroine.  She is strong, hardworking, and independent.  Although Branden could be demanding, he is hot and is very protective of his five sisters.  Although his sisters are either half-sisters or step sisters, he treats all as if they were his full blooded family.  One of his sisters works very closely with him to uncover fraud and is working with the SEC.

Someone is stalking Cara, and Branden thinks he knows the stalker.  Coupled with the sexy photos, both vow to protect the other.  This book contains romance, suspense, and sexy encounters betwee the couple.  I love a good mystery.  I did correctly guess the culprit but the ending was very suspenseful, and I’m so glad that Cara and Branden got their HEA.

There are other installments in this series but all read like stand alone books. This is the first book that I have read by this author.  The narrator is fantastic.  She kept me riveted and wanting more.  I will definitely read more from this author and will also follow the narrator.  Thanks to Tantor Media for giving me this book in exchange for an honest review.



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