Fire and Rain by Diane Chamberlain

Fire and Rain

4 stars

I absolutely adore  the narrator!  Karen White could make a Steven King novel soothing.  While I do have favorite authors that I go to when in a reading slump, I also locate books narrated by Ms. White.  She always gets me out of my reading  or listening slump!

This is one of Diane Chamberlain’s older books.  However, this was just recently published as an audio book.  Thanks to Tantor Media for sending me this audio in exchange for an honest review.

Valle Rosa, California has been ridden with drought over the past five years.  The valley has all but withered and died.  Fires are out of control and water supply is extremely low.  A stranger comes to town and promises the mayor (ex. major league baseball player) that he can make rain.  His only request is that he be given complete privacy and a place to stay.  Each character has their own burdens to hide.

Chris Garrett’s (acting mayor) house burns to the ground thanks to the wildfires that are out of control.  He was only able to save some scrapbooks detailing his frail son’s life.  Chris decides to give Jeff a try at making rain.  Jeff is Valle Rosa’s last hope.  Jeff ends up staying in an adobe cottage on the grounds of Chris’ ex-wife, Carmen Garrett’s home.  Carmen has her own demons and wants to prove that she is still on top of her game as a news reporter.

Carmen has been out of the limelight for a few years and wants her show back.  She must first prove to her boss that she still has the energy and charisma  that she once had.  In order to prove herself, Carmen begins to unravel Jeff’s past.  Another character that had a supporting role was Mia Tanner.  Mia is Jeff’s secretary and also has a past to hide.  Mia and Jeff strike up a friendship then become lovers.

The characters were well flushed, and their backgrounds were slowly unraveled.  As bad as Carmen was, I was rooting for her and Chris.  The unthinkable happened to this couple, which ultimately split them up.  I also felt bad for Jeff and for the demons that he was running from.  However, my favorite character was Mia.  She was loving to  a fault.  I gave this book a 4 star rating, because at times the story was slow.  Had I simply read this book,  I would probably only give a 3 star due to the lack of a plot.  While the storyline was suspenseful, I felt that something was missing.  I kept wanting for something major to happen, other than rainfall.  The ending left me with wanting more and appeared to end very abruptly without answers to some unresolved questions.


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