The Unsung Hero (Troubleshooters #1) by Suzanne Brockmann

The unsung Hero

4 stars

I found this first book to be enjoyable, but there was just an element missing.  Part of my issue was due to too much going on.  Several times, the story took a back seat to the two elderly war veterans who happened  to have the same love interest so many years ago.

U.S. Navy Lt. Tom Paoletti was on a thirty day leave due to an injury that he sustained from an operation that went terribly wrong.  His team, along with his career is in jeopardy.  He returns to his uncle’s home in Boston to nurse his wounds.  His Uncle Joe is the landscaper for Charles who is dying of cancer.  Both men are war veterans and are best friends, although their bantering throughout the book proves otherwise.  Just so happens, Dr. Kelly Ashton, who is Charles’ daughter is staying with him during his final days.  As teenagers, Kelly had a major crush on Tom but was left brokenhearted.

Although the interest is still there, Tom does not want to involve Kelly in his health issues.  Tom believes that he has seen an international terrorist wandering the Boston area.  He attributes this appearance as an issue related to his brain injury and is worried that he is going crazy. Tom’s commanding officer thinks that he is paranoid and is not willing to enlist any help.   However, Tom does recruit some of his team, along with Charles, Joe, and Mallory, who is his niece.

The premise to this story was one that I really enjoy – espionage, love, and angst.  I will continue with this series to see if the next installment picks up.  I also want to see where Mallory’s love interest with David goes.


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