Rock Chick Regret (Rock Chick #7) by Kristen Ashley

Rock Chick Regret

4.5 Stars Rounded to 5

This is my favorite installment of the series.  After the  last book, I was starting to get bored and frustrated with a series that I have really enjoyed.  This book brought me out of my chick slump!  Sadie was a misunderstood “ice princess” thanks to father dearest, who happened to be an incarcerated  drug lord.   Now, that her dad is safely behind bars, Sadie can go forward with her life although she is very lonely.  Ironically, Sadie is the person responsible for her father’s imprisonment.

Sadie has never had true friends and was always worried that if she did befriend anyone that would run once they knew who her father was.  As fate would have it, rivals of her father’s are attempting to take over his business and want Sadie in the process. Fearing the worst, Sadie must go to the Nightingale Investigations to seek protection.  There she just happens to run into the ex-detective Hector Chavez who was responsible for sending her father to the big house.

Hector fell for Sadie but refused to let his emotions take over during her father’s take down.  He wasn’t there during her dark days after her father was incarceraited but vows to be there now.  His biggest assignment is to not only keep her safe but to show her that she can be loved. Of course, the Rock Chicks have to be a major player in showing Sadie true friendship.  All of our beloved chicks and their men take center stage in this installment.


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