The Psalmist by James Lilliefors

The Psalmist

3.25 Stars

I went into this book with absolutely no expect ions, and I was immediately drawn in.  I love a good mystery and this one did not disappoint.  This is book 1 of the series, and I will definitely continue to see where James Lilliefors takes us – I hope for another wild ride.  The characters were exceptionally well written, especially Luke’s.  At times, Amy’s character was not well rounded.  As an investigator, I expected her to be more sure of herself and her position.  Without Luke’s and others help, I’m not sure if she would have been able to solve the mystery with the few clues that she had.  At times, the book was chopping and was sometimes difficult to determine what was going on.  The ending was also different than most that I have read.

Luke is a pastor of the local church and found a woman bowed in prayer.  Unfortunately, he also found the woman dead.  Living in a small town, one would assume that Luke or a parishioner would know the identity of the dead woman.  As Luke  and Amy begin to unravel the case, they find that this death may be linked to a series of other deaths and could possibly have a serial killer on their hands.


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