Everything I left Unsaid (Everything I Left Unsaid #1) by Molly O’Keefe

Everything I left Unsaid


3.75 Stars

Thanks to Tantor Media for this audio in exchange for an honest review.

What do most people do when they hear a phone ring that’s not theirs – perhaps ignore it?  Annie has just ran away from a very abusive husband.  She has cut off her hair and changed her identity and has now found herself doing odds and ends living in a trailer park.  She happens to be in her trailer when a strange phone rings.  Annie shouldn’t have picked up the phone but did anyway – bad Annie!  Perhaps, if she left the phone alone, her life wouldn’t be more complicated than it already was.

Dylan happens to be the caller, and there is  an immediate attraction.  He happens to live at the top of the mountain and is a recluse and has asked Annie for a favor.  Again, Annie loses all sights of reasoning and agrees to help Dylan.  The conversations between Annie and Dylan are scorching hot!  For a couple who do not even meet in person until the end of the book, they sure know how to work the phone sex!

There is a cliffhanger in this book, which I normally hate.  Now, I have to read book 2 (and soon) to find out what happens between these two.  Now that they have met, how will both react to the other’s secrets?  This book has quite a bit going for it.  The writing was very good, and the suspense kept me wanting to learn more and to root for this couple.  Stay tuned for book 2 of the Everything I left Unsaid series.



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