Here Kitty Kitty (Magnus Pack #3) by Shelly Laurenston

Here Kitty Kitty


4.5 stars rounded to 5

Thanks to Tantor Media for sending me this audio in exchange for an honest review.  This is book 3 in the Magnus Pack Series.  I highly suggest that you read all of these books in order.  True to form, book 3 began where book 2 left off.  This reader was ecstatic be thrown back into this world.

Finding Angie’s purse, some blood, and some hyena shifters outside of her shop in Texas, Angie’s friends thought that she was dead.  Angelina Santiago wakes up and is in North Carolina with a bunch of hillbillies thanks to Nick Vorislav’s brothers who helped her battle a hyena tracker.  The Vorislav brothers along with Nik, did not realize what a bad ass that Angie could be and could easily take care of her own.  Nik loved his slow paced life until Angie disrupted his life by shooting up his walls.

Zach, Sara, Conal, and their pack are protecting Miki so Angie decided to stay in North Carolina for a few days.  Given Angie’s love of fashion, she easily met several of the “hillbilly women”.  Angie quickly became friends with the Vorislav family but really was only interested in Nik.

And then there was Nik who she remembered from the airport in “Go Fetch”.  Staying at Nik’s house proved to be a challenge for both Nik and Angie.  Angie was used to being with shifters thanks to her friends.  However, she was not quite prepared to be around cats, especially Nik.  There was quite a bit more sex in this installment, and the chemistry between Nik and Angie was hot.

Sara, Miki, and Angie were more like sisters than best friends.  I loved the banter between the three.  The narrator was exceptional in defining all of the different characters, especially Nik and Angie.  I loved how the narrator defined Nik and his southern drawl.  The three best friends were also fun to listen to and really brought the best friends to life.  I loved Nik and his wild cat protectiveness over an independent woman who just needs to be loved.


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