Go Fetch (Magnus Pack #2) by Shelly Laurenston

Go Fetch

4.75 Stars rounded to 5

Thanks to Tantor Media for sending me this audio in exchange for an honest review.  I absolutely adored this narrator and hope that she continues until the end of the series.

Before defending her dissertation, Miki Kendrick decides to visit her best friend Sara.  Seeing Conall was an added bonus.  Conall hasn’t been able to rid Miki from his mind ever since he met her.  Miki is a foul mouthed tempered human, and Conall is a friend of his Alpha’s new mate.  Conall and the pack are worried for her safety since she was attacked in an alley.  Conall decides that he must protect her.  Miki is definitely more than just a “human”.  She has an extraordinary IQ and is just as fierce as the shifters.  I loved Miki’s fierceness and had some laugh out loud moments when she goaded Conall.  Not only did she report him to the police, she also poisoned him!  However, these two had amazing chemistry.

This is book 2 in the Magnus Series.  I do highly suggest that you read this series in order.  Book 2 begins immediately where book 1 ends. In book 1, Sara, Miki, and Angie, are best friends but appear to be more like sisters.  This trio is fun witted and protect each other to the core. I didn’t much care for Miki in book 1, but this installment had me loving Miki and wishing for a HEA.  I especially related to Miki since she was defending her dissertation in order to become a doctor.  I did the same last year and felt for Miki as she was in the preparation and defense stage.

This installment does leave the reader with wanting more so I decided on the obvious – begin book 3 immediately!


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