Dare to Love by Jaci Burton

Dare to Love

2 stars

Thanks to Tantor Media for giving me this book in exchange for an honest review.

For such a short read, this book was way too long.  If it weren’t for the narrator, I would find this book to be almost impossible to finish.  Lucy Fairchild was a successful attorney and was heir to the Fairchild fortune.  However, Lucy’s personal life was anything but successful.  Lucy was deemed as a weak adult who listened to her daddy and did not follow her heart.  Although Lucy has her own wing in her daddy’s house,  She is thirty years old and her father dictates who she is going to marry.  Daddy dearest has Lucy’s life plotted out that will ensure the law firm’s future.  Lucy was an arrogant snob and several times referred to the help as servants!  Her dad was vicous and vile.

Jake Dalton owns a construction company and meets Lucy as she is walking past his construction site.  Jake volunteers to be Lucy’s girlfriend in hopes that her father will back down from requiring her to marry Alex – a successful attorney.   Jake had flaws but his character was not flushed out for me.  He was a jerk and let his anger rule his life.

This reader did not see the romance between Jake and Lucy.  Lucy drove me absolutely nuts with her banter between her father.  For a hard ass attorney, her personal life was a blubbering mess.  The storyline could have been an excellent read but fell oh so short for this reader.



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