Promise Canyon (Virgin River #11) by Robyn Carr

Promise Canyon

4 stars

Navajo  vet tech Clay Tahoma comes to the aid of his friend in Virgin River.  Clay is certainly not looking for a relationship, but begins to flirt with Hopi Lilly Yahzi who works at her grandfather’s feed store.  Lilly is not interested, especially in a Native American.  As fate would have it, both become bonded over an abandoned horse.  These two are the main characters in this installment.  There were a couple of other secondary stories that were relevant.

Hope McCrea was a tough broad, but everyone in Virgin River loved her in their own way.  Unfortunately, Jack is left to make some decisions and realizes that his neighbors are not as neighborly as he once thought.  Colin Riordan has decisions of his own to make.  Other secondary characters will surely make future installments.

This was not one of my favorite books of VR, but I found it enjoyable.  I do like how the characters plan on staying in VR and not in outlying towns.   A couple of visiting ladies may decide to move to VR, which only adds to the colorful section of the small town.  The narrator makes this read even more enjoyable.



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