The Liar by Nora Roberts

The Liar

4 stars

What’s a 23 year old to do when she finds out that she is now a widow with a 3 year old daughter?  Shelby Foxworth became pregnant at a young age and was quickly moved from her small Tennessee home to an upscale suburb in Philadelphia.  She was always out of her element and felt uncomfortable in her own house.  Like most women, Shelby trusted her new husband and didn’t complain when he purchased extravagant items.

Shelby’s world crashed when her husband died.  She soon found out that he was a liar and a cheat.  When Shelby found his safedeposit box at a local bank, she quickly realized that the man she called her husband never existed.  Soon, Shelby is in major debt and flees Philadephia to her small roots in the Tennessee Smokey Mountains where she has an amazing support system.  Quickly, Shelby meets Grif and the attraction is sizzling.

Shelby and her daughter were very likable characters, along with Grif.  Her mother and grandmother were hilarious, and this reader would love to be adopted into that family.  What I did find issue with was Shelby’s undying commitment to repay back all of the loans that her deceased husband racked up.  The millions of dollars could not simply be repaid by selling the house and belongings.  Since Shelby did not sign any of the loans or commitments, most “normal” women would not feel indebted, especially for a young woman without a job and having to take care of a toddler.

Nora Roberts is one of my go to authors.  I have always found her books to be enjoyable as well as therapeudic.  This book could have easily been more than a 4 star read, but I found the storyline to be extremely long and detailed.  While I do love the Smokey Mountains, there was just too much background information that didn’t add to the plot.  The first half of the book basically dealt with Shelby and her lying dead husband.   This book was very long and seemed to drag.  However, the ending felt forced and rushed.  I would have preferred to learn more about Shelby and Grif rather than details of her small hometown or her upscale mansion.  This reader also felt that the plot of this story is similar to another but can’t pinpoint which book.  I am glad that in the end Shelby got her HEA.



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