Cowboy Command (Cowboy Justice Association #1) by Olivia Jaymes

Cowboy Justice Association

3.75 Stars rounded to 4

Katie is all alone in life with the exception of her step-sister.  Her step-father left her with a house when he passed away.  Katie has worked a long time on her and her step-sister’s relationship.   She can’t seem to do anything right in the eyes of her sister.  After one of their lunches, Katie’s car explodes from a bomb meant to kill Katie.  Lucky for her, she went back into the restaurant to retrieve her phone.  Federal Agents intercept Katie and take her away from the scene.  Next up, her house is burned to the ground, and Katie is at the forefront of a federal investigation against her boyfriend.

Katie is put into witness protection in a small town in Montana.  Her name is changed to Presley.  Sheriff Seth Reilly is doing a favor for a FBI buddy of his.  Unfortunately, Seth didn’t realize that the woman he was asked to protect is young, fierce, and fiery.  Sparks fly between Seth and Reilly even though both have sworn off love.  Presley, aka Katie, plans on returning back to Miami once she testifies against her boyfriend, and Seth’s life is in Montana.

At times, this book was a little slow and could have definitely sped up.  This reader was able to determine the mystery fairly quickly but was still a fun read.  GR has this marked as erotica, and I definitely didn’t see any of this.   There wasn’t much of a character building, but there was enough to understand the background of the two main characters.  If you are interested in cowboys, this one may not be for you.  This is my first book by Ms. Jaymes.  I found her writing to be simple but well written.  This book left me with wanting more so I will venture to book 2.



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