Bound to Danger (Deadly Ops Book #2 ) by Katie Reus

Bound to Danger

3.75 Stars

Maria Cervantes, a community activist, overhead men discussing a terrorist attack in Miami. Before she could alert authorities, a bomb exploded and left everyone at the benefit dead. She was found disoriented on the grounds of the gala. Now, the NSA is interested to find out what she remembers about the fateful night. Unfortunately, Maria does not remember much.

Agent Cade O’Reilly has been called to protect Maria from the bad guys. Maria and Cade have an unforgettable past. Maria was in love with Cade, who happened to be her deceased brother’s best friend. He left her without a trace when she needed him this most. Now, Cade is determined to keep Maria safe at all cost.

Not only does Cade want to protect Maria, he wants to ensure that she is innocent. NSA is not so sure that Maria did not take part in the bombing.

This was very suspenseful, which I definitely like in a romance. However, I did have some issues. I did not see much of the love interest between Cade and Maria. I also was not crazy about the flashbacks that took place when Cade and Maria were much younger. I also couldn’t fathom why Cade would abandon Maria when she needed him the most years ago. All of a sudden, he decides that he wants to make the world right again in her eyes.

About 75% into the book, were some hot sex scenes. I felt that this didn’t add to the story but was a filler for the romance side. I was glad that Cade and Maria did find ther HEA.


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