City in Embers by Stacey Marie Brown

City in Embers

4.50 Stars

Narrated by Amy Landon

This book was given to me by Tantor Media in exchange for an honest review.

This is the first book that I have read by this author.  I normally don’t care for urban fantasy, especially when it comes to new adults.  Zoey was 22 and her boss, also her love interest was 18 years older than her.  Daniel is basically a supporting character as his time in this book was very brief.  After high school, Zoey is recruited by a special government agency – DMG (Department of Molecular Genetics) where she becomes a collector of fae.  Zoey never thinks twice about catching fae and handing over for research purposes. When devastation hits Seattle, Zoey’s world begins to unravel.

When a bolt of magic lightning strikes Zoey, she is given some of a fae’s magic powers. Zoey now must work with Ryker in order to restore her freedom.  This reader has mixed feelings about Ryker.  He is definitely a bad ass and very intimidating.  Although he is fae, he has some human quirks, like not letting any of his food to touch on his plate.  Throughout the book, he refers Zoey as “human” rather than calling her by name.  Towards the end of the book, both Zoey and Riker are coming to accept each other.

My favorite character in this book is Sprig, an ADHD monkey sprite who absolutely loves honey and sugar.  I just adored him and his new friend “Pam”.  Sprig was funny and added humor to a storyline that desperately needed it.

The ending was a surprise and somewhat of a letdown.  This is another book that leaves the reader wondering why and what’s up next with Ryker and Zoey.  Overall, this is a good start to this series and to the world building.  I will definitely read the next book and can’t wait to find out what adventures that Sprig has in store.



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