Hawk (Burnout Series #3) by Dahlia West


3 stars

Thanks to Tantor media for giving me this book in exchange for an honest review.

This is book 3 in the Burnout series.  I loved book one – Shooter.  However, this series has gone downhill from there.  Book 2 was so bad that I gave it a 1 star rating, which I very rarely do.  This book moved up the star ladder to a 3.25 rounded down to 3.

I was really looking forward to Hawk’s story and seeing a HEA.  However, this plot fell very short for me.  Hawk and his “brothers” are ex-Special Forces, men who survived their Unit after an IED explosion.   Hawk blames himself for the men who did not survive.  In all accounts, Hawk is a bad ass who plays hard and has a different woman every night who will gladly share their bed with him.  Tildy is a very immature 22 year old who lives with her parents and allows them to rule her life.  I found Tildy to be unbelievable and for me her character was flat.  She was a college educated woman but had no realization of the real world.  Her mother abused her and set her up for a marriage that she did not want.  Tildy had a job at the local bank, thanks to Mommy dearest.  Still Tildy would not leave home until she met Hawk.

This reader never felt the chemistry between Hawk and Tildy.  Even more unbelievable, all of Hawk’s brothers and their spouses fell in love immediately with her.  Hawk was reduced to an iodiot and fell even more short for this reader than Tildy.

Normally, I give a series three books to determine if I am going to continue.  However, I really liked book 1 so I will read one more book in the series before I make up my mind.




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